Interview with Ana Patricia Bautista

News, events and interviews Interview Ana Patricia Bautista Let´s talk to Ana Patricia Bautista from IKERLAN. She is a project partner in the Bio-FlexGen consortium. An experienced IT-expert based in Spain, Ana is a real wizard: Her team has been creating the IT-structure for the Biomass-fired Top Cycle plant (BTC) for Bio-FlexGen. Ana, how do … Read more

Inside Bio-FlexGen

News, events and interviews INSIDE BIO-FlexGen In September 2021, we set out on a bold journey to pioneer a flexible combined heat and power plant. We aim at to combining biomass with hydrogen production. The road ahead was promising, but little did we know the numerous challenges that awaited us. But our engineers and researchers … Read more


News, events and interviews FASCINATING? Our „Spock“, Chief Technical Engineer (CTO)  Michael Bartlett, takes us on a journey inside the development rig „Scarlett“ in Stockholm, Sweden! Can you imagine the challenge to build a prototype of a combinded heat and power plant with novel, patented features? It is a herculian task which Mike and his … Read more

Clean, green, sustainable Bioenergy

News, events and interviews Clean, green, sustainable Bioenergy The importance of renewable energy production: See what our Bio-FlexGen Scotty has to say about this:

Scottys challenge

News, events and interviews Scottys challenge Creating innovative technology for renewable energy supply is always challenging. Our Bio-FlexGen „Scotty“ is currently facing one (and already working on the solution). See yourself:

Live long and Prosper

News, events and interviews Live long and Prosper You’ve met our “Scotty” now it’s time to meet our   “Spock” Michael Bartlett at Phoenix BioPower!  Watch him discuss how Scarlett the Intergrated Test Rig works and the inner workings of Bio-FlexGen!

Keep the flame!

News, events and interviews Keep the flame! We will put all our energy in to MAKING THE GREEN DEAL REAL! Dr. Felix Güthe, head of combustion from our tech partner @Phoenix BioPower, is a real burner! He masters the challenging combustion process at the Bio-FlexGen development rig at KTH in Stockholm. How? Watch his statement:

Interview : Bio-FlexGen coordinator Suzanne Paulrud

portrait of Susanne Paulrud

News, events and interviews Interview : Bio-Flex Gen coordinator Susanne Paulrud Any questions? Bio-Flex Gen coordinator Susanne Paulrud highlights interesting facts How does Bio-Flex Gen make a difference compared to state-of-the art combined heat and power plant (CHP) technology? Susanne Paulrud : Due to a higher level of flexibility and efficiency, the Bio-Flex Gen CHP … Read more