The Bio-FlexGen Project will develop a flexible and highly efficient renewable energy CHP technology with 25 MWe capacity. This plant, with on-demand digital optimisation, can flexibly generate four different products for the broader energy system or industrial applications: electricity, heat, hydrogen and/or CO2.

Biopower is provided with an extremely high efficiency (55%), plus a wide range of loads (25%-100%). This will be achieved by converting variable supplies of different low-cost biomass residues, while fast-dispatch peak power is provided off-season from renewable hydrogen.

The plant can be designed to provide only CHP from biomass with fast-dispatch capability with hydrogen fuel, or it can be designed to provide all four products, depending on the particular application and its requirements.

The project will also identify the adaptability of Bio-FlexGen to the energy system, the economic viability of the CHP solution and the application of the technology for a particular end-user and for the overall system.

As a co-generation technology, waste heat from the process can be used for industrial and commercial uses to also replace fossil energy.