Animation of the combustion chamber

News, events and interviews Animation of the combustion chamber In our Biomass-fired Top Cycle plant, syngas is combusted together with air and steam in the combustion chamber. All of this happens under high pressure. The very hot gas from the combustion rapidly expands and thereby drives a gas turbine. The turbine produces electricity at high … Read more

The Bio-LexGen

News, events and interviews The Bio-lexgen There are many technical terms in our Bio-FlexGen project. And it’s even more confusing when they are not in your native language. Our consortium consists of 14 partners from 5 countries. Their mother tongues: Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, German. It´s time for us to cover the most important words … Read more

Animation of the BTC plant

News, events and interviews How do we fight climate change? Our pioneering engineers from Phoenix Biopower are working hard to bring the Biomass-Fired Top Cycle (BTC) plant to life. Watch the animated film that visualises this cutting-edge technology below. We will make the energy transition happen with the power of biomass. Much of the biomass … Read more