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Webinars for engineers

Attention engineers! Dive into the future of renewable energy with us and our Swedish partner, Phoenix BioPower.

Discover the innovative Biomass-fired Top Cycle (BTC) plant, developed as part of the Bio-FlexGen project. This cutting-edge technology, designed by Phoenix BioPower, is set to revolutionise the energy transition landscape. It delivers:

  • On-demand power: Flexible, local, renewable
  • Biomass wastes as feedstock (i.e., forest, agriculture, and demolition)
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • 50-80% more electricity from biomass
  • 3 x more local power from district heating (CHP)

Join us for engaging webinars led by Phoenix BioPower’s CEO Henrik Båge and CTO, Michael Bartlett. Our webinars offer a unique opportunity to delve into the technology. Let’s shape the future of sustainable energy together!

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21.05.24, 10AM CEST