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The State of Renewable Energy in the EU

The main source of renewable energy in the EU is bioenergy. In 2021, energy from biomass accounted for 59% of renewable energy consumed.

This finding is part of the recently released 2023 State of the Energy Union Report. The report highlights the EU’s commitment to the energy transition. However, the report also shows that we need to strengthen our efforts. The EU aims to achieve a 42.5% share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption by 2030. This will only happen by  accelerating the growth of renewable energy. Moreover, we must also reduce our annual emissions to stay on course.

That’s why projects like Bio-FlexGen are so important to boost the energy transition. We will produce sustainable bioenergy that balances out wind and solar power. This way we can ensure a renewable energy supply when it’s neither windy nor sunny. How we do it? Visit to find out.