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Fueling the future

Transitioning away from fossil fuels and accelerating renewable energy deployment requires the development of alternative energy sources. Our Swedish partner Phoenix BioPower is pioneering the Biomass-fired Top Cycle (BTC) plant. This combined heat and power plant is designed to significantly enhance energy efficiency when utilising biomass fuels. It integrates biomass-fed gasification at high pressure with a novel and high efficiency Top Cycle gas turbine.  

One of the major innovations of the BTC plant is the fuel switch capability between hydrogen and syngas from biomass. This is critical for its operational flexibility and efficiency. Recently, Phoenix Biopower commissioned the unique Fuel-to-Flame test rig in Stockholm. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the BTC combustion system. It allows for comprehensive testing and optimisation of fuel switching. These advancements pave the way for the flexible operation of the BTC plan. 

During the fuel switch process, several steps are involved to ensure a smooth transition and stable operation. Syngas and hydrogen have very different properties. Therefore, keeping a stable and emissions-compliant combustion process in one system is very challenging. As an example: When switching from hydrogen to syngas, different inlet pressures have to be controlled to minimise fluctuations of combustor pressure and power. This is optimised by proper timing of valve openings and closings. Similarly, when switching from syngas to hydrogen, adjustments are made to valve timings to optimise the process. Despite these challenges, the fuel switch achieves its goal of changing fuel types efficiently and effectively. 

Overall, the fuel switch capability of the BTC plant demonstrates its adaptability to different fuel sources. This contributes to its operational stability and flexibility in generating renewable power on demand. 

renewable energy source plant

Photo credit: TU Berlin | Susanne Cholodnic

Using renewable energy sources for a greener future

The global demand for energy is constantly increasing. This is why renewable sources are crucial for a decarbonised future. Bio-FlexGen is developing an optimised combination of bioenergy with green hydrogen which will provide secure and plannable sources for heat and power.