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Let´s have a chat with Dr. Felix Güthe. An experienced German chemist, he is responsible for the combustion process of the Phoenix BioPower demosite in Stockholm. Phoenix BioPower are the tech guys of Bio-FlexGen. The Swedish start-up is responsible for developing Bio-FlexGen’s Biomass-Fired Top Cycle (BTC) plant which will generate sustainable electricity and heat.

Dr. Felix Güthe, head of combustion

Why are you a real burner?

We are combusting diluted syngas from biomass with compressed air. After leaving the combustor, the hot gas drives the gas turbine and produces renewable electricity and heat for our society. In the process, we take care that the combustion chamber is stable within limits. Also, we reduce emissions to a minimum to be environmentally compliant.

“Scarlett”- the integrated test rig

What are your challenges?

Forest residues can contain nitrogen as a constituent. In the combustor, the residues produce nitrogen emissions which require treatment. That´s what we´re looking into – reducing those emissions. And we are on track to an environmentally-sound solution. More  to come at the end of our project!

What is the importance of being part of Bio-FlexGen?

This is genuine renewable technology. In the last years it has become very clear to me that we have to take the actions aimed at reducing carbon emissions really seriously. With Bio-FlexGen, we are working on these technologies for real!

On top of it: The Bio-FlexGen consortium at the demosite at KTH in Stockholm

How do you deal with sustainability in your family?

I try to make my children aware of sustainability issues, and I think to some degree, they are. They have a certain awareness that whatever they do leaves an impact. We all have an impact and it is important that we are aware of this and not try to neglect it.