So cool, Scarlett!

News, events and interviews So cool, Scarlett! „Scotty“ Felix Güthe and his combustion guys did it again: They were running combustion tests at Scarlett. And this time, with a brandnew hardware; An air-cooled front panel! Everything went smoothly and as anticipated. A major step towards the Bio-FlexGen Biomass-fired Top Cycle plant – very cool!

Scarlett did it again!

News, events and interviews Scarlett did it again! Scarlett is doing a great job! As the Bio-FlexGen integrated test rig, she ´s successfully been operating biomass gasification AND the combustion system. This is a major step towards full testing in the near future. Full testing means: In addition to the gasified biomass, Scarlett will include … Read more

Scarlett`O Hara? Scarlett on bio-syngas!

News, events and interviews Scarlett`O Hara? Scarlett on bio-syngas! What a great milestone for Bio-Flex Gen: Our engineers achieved the integrated operation of the biomass gasification AND the combustion system for the very first time! This is a crucial step towards the overall success of the Bio-Flex Gen project. In additon to the gasified biomass, … Read more

Some like it hot!


News, events and interviews Some like it hot! Our combustion guys from @BioFlexGen make it burn: Simeon Dybe and Prof. Oliver Paschereit performed their first combustion tests at @TUBerlin. And they were just perfect! Flexible fuel switch from 100% natural gas to 100% hydrogen in the high-efficient CHP plant is one of the core features … Read more

Keep the fire burning

Keep the fire burning

News, events and interviews The building of the Bio-Flex Gen integrated gasification and combustion rig is moving fast now and is on the final stretch now, so that the commissioning can start in March. While waiting for real biomass syngas, the chief “burn stuff”-guy Felix Güthe fixed “first fire” for Bio-FlexGen!!!