European Sustainable Energy Week is coming up!

News, events and interviews EUropean Sustainable Energy Week is coming up! Heads up! European Sustainable Energy Week is coming up at the end of this month on June 20-22, 2023. Brace yourself for sessions and keynotes about energy transition and energy efficency among others. Which buzzwords are the most important this time, you wonder? We … Read more

Taking inventory

News, events and interviews Taking inventory Our Bio-FlexGen review meeting was taking place at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm after 18 months of ardent collaboration towards Making the Green Deal real. And, naturally, we and our EU-Project Officer Sebastien Mortier as well as our reviewer Jacek Kalina from the Silesian University of Technology got to know Scarlett. Remember who Scarlett is? … Read more


News, events and interviews Prometheus Prometheus……himself would be envious! Our Bio-FlexGen #technology partner Phoenix BioPower successfully created even more fire! PhoenixBiopower: ” On Wednesday we had another milestone in our development; we had First Fire of our gasifier at our facilities in Stockholm. I may not look so cool in the pictures as the combustor … Read more


News, events and interviews Fire! Great #successs for our Bio-FlexGen #technical innovator Phoenix BioPower! Thanks so much for your dedicated work – great job, guys! PhoenixBiopower: ” Yesterday was a great day! Yesterday we had real First Fire in our combustion rig at our facility in Stockholm. We managed to operate the rig for some … Read more