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A very animated Humphrey!

Humphrey is a remarkable creation, the result of painstaking effort and innovation by a team of dedicated engineers. It is a hybrid Fluidised Bed (HFB) gasifier. This technology combines the benefits of bubbling and circulating fluidised bed technologies while addressing the challenges of higher pressure.

The path to Humphrey’s creation was challening. The engineers faced technical hurdles, but they persevered. Just as they were nearing the finish line, the war in Ukraine sent shockwaves through the global economy. This caused dramatic price increases.

Navigating these turbulent waters required courage, determination, and unwavering dedication from the team. But now, Humphrey has been brought to life, ushering in a new era of highly efficient biomass gasification. And now, we even animated Humphrey – “he” really is one of our Bio-FlexGen stars!

Below you find our newest animation of Humphrey. Here you find the animation of the combution chamber.